07 May 2008

Yes We Did!

Yeah North Carolina! Congratulations Asheville! This is the first time I can remember our primary mattering & one of the few times I voted for the winner. I'm still up waiting for Gary, Indiana to be counted - but it looks like Obama netted several delegates tonight. I took a few minutes off work to go to the party at Asheville Pizza Company - it was overflowing with volunteers and supporters watching the victory speech. I'm really proud of how so many people from all different backgrounds came together to work on this campaign - Asheville is such a great community. I didn't think to take any photos, but I found the paper has a few up - This one is for Mr. Savage, who has all sorts of stereotypes about Obama supporters and North Carolina.

For those of you who haven't tried the Koolaid yet, here are a couple of articles that compare and contrast the two candidates:

NYT - "Combat and Composure"

Sunday's Charlotte Observor Endorsement

I had to give a little plug, even though things will calm down for a while now. Well - I'm going to sleep now - I will get back on a normal blogging schedule now that the primary is over. Good Night