12 August 2008

Blue, Linux, Lightweight and Awesome

I've been lusting after a mini-laptop since last summer - but whenever I would get close to ordering one there would be news about the next wave of UMPC's - so I kept putting off buying one. Then the hype for this summer's batch began and I wanted one even more - bigger screens, more power, more colors, more choices. I finally decided on the Acer Aspire One. Here it is between my regular laptop & my cell phone - reminds me of Goldilocks.

This is one more piece of the vision - true mobility. Now I just have to create more freetime!

03 August 2008

Photos Finally!

I've been oh so slack - but here are some great sunrise photos from my beach trip in April.

There are more photos here.

And here's Pat's Unseminar 5 Blues Band:

This was a high point of the seminar - but there were really only high points. I have only digested a small percentage of the great information so far. I know I will be going back for more - in addition to all the great speakers and abundant info - it was FUN.