19 October 2008

My Response to GOP Hate Mail

I came home from work tonight to find GOP hatemail in my mailbox. No economics, no plan for health care or education reform - just hate of Obama. More old William Ayers half-truths. They even reference the Annenbergs without acknowleging that they are McCain supporters. I guess it's ok for friends of McCain to associate with terrorists.

I was already tired and grumpy from working so late on a Saturday night, so I was really pissed when I first saw what the GOP was sending out - but I reminded myself that we're not supposed to sink to their level & should just keep focusing on getting Obama elected. So I decided to send another donation to the Obama campaign as my revenge for this stupidity. But this time I had to say something, so I sent this email to the NC GOP:

Dear Chris McClure:

I attempted to use your contact form, but did not receive a confirmation. Please forgive me if this is a duplicate.

Thank you for the mail I received today about William Ayers. It reminded me that it was time to send another donation to Senator Obama, who has been too much of a gentleman to hammer Senator McCain on his friendship with ATF-hating G. Gordon Liddy.

Have a good day,
Tammy Wilson

Maybe they should reconsider having Democrats on their mailing list. At least I'll sleep better now. Good Night.

03 October 2008

One day I'll write ... but today I canvass ...

Some things are too important to leave to chance - please join me