08 January 2008

The Law of Attraction and World Events

There is a misconception that in order to have happy, fulfilled lives we should ignore problems or lie to ourselves about events going on in the world in order not to give more energy to the problems. I do believe that focusing solely on problems just increases them, but I don't believe that we have to put our fingers in our ears every time the news comes on. I just believe that we do more good by focusing on solutions.

I personally don't watch or listen to the news - there seems to be too strong of an emotional hook on most commercial broadcasts - but I do read a few newspapers. I'm very political and I like to form my own opinions about what's happening in my community and around the world. I'm not comfortable totally ignoring the news as some people advise, but I also know that there's a huge amount of good news that never makes the front page.

If there is something in our world that is tugging on your heart - then by all means do something. Just pay attention - is the world hunger group you joined actually sending food or technology into the world or do they just complain that other people should change? Is your environmental group involved in real solutions (actually doing something) or are they just another PAC? I think that if we really want to change the world our time is better spent reading to a child or planting a community garden than writing letters calling for someone else to change.
Governments Rarely Change the World - Individuals Do

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