13 January 2008

The Happy Day Campaign

My Minister, Barbara Waterhouse, has been on a campaign for over a year to get all of us to begin each day by claiming that "Today is a Happy Day!" Every Sunday morning over 200 people in Asheville follow her lead and yell this out - sometimes more than once. I think it worked - in his new book, The Geography of Bliss, Eric Weiner has declared Asheville the happiest city in the US.

There's another person who lifts Ashevillians up on a regular basis - Elder John Hayes - whose radio station WRES must be the Soul of Asheville. He especially cranks up the Positivity around rush hour - it's impossible to have road rage while singing along.

So, yes, Asheville is a happy place and a blessed place. We have things to work on like all towns, but most of us truly love this town and are willing to work together to get even better. We have a diversity here that makes us truly rich and most of the people that live here really respect each other as individuals.

It's easy to get busy and stressed out and forget how lucky we are. That's the secret to the Happy Day Campaign - remember to be happy - claim it now!

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