01 January 2008

My Daily Prayer

I am reclaiming my time and space with this new year. While cleaning and purging I rediscovered this prayer that I wrote when I first started studying The Science of Mind:

My Daily Prayer

I now have everything I need
I am surrounded by Love & Joy,
Beauty & Harmony, Order & Abundance
My Path unfolds easily before me
I Give & Receive Freely & Joyfully
I am Strong & Powerful, Healthy & Safe
I am Loved and Valued for all that I am
I am One with the Universe
All my Loved Ones are Healthy, Happy & Safe
We are all Blessed
Life is Sweet
And So It Is!

So for 2008 I am making this prayer - staking a claim for what this new year will be. Even the word resolution seems to reek of compromise and settling. Let us all aim higher than resolve - Let's go for Joy and Glory and Love and Laughter - Let's go for our deepest desires.

Happy New Year - May all your dreams come true

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